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 Where and how we operate

The administrative and operational offices of RPR Musiquality are in the outskirts of Rome, we also own facilities able to approximately 100 cubic metres of goods (additional volumes in transit may be stored c/o an appointed logistic platform);


We can rely on a number of sales reps which still operate on a face to face basis with the customers to promote catalogue items, introduce new articles, organise demos, maintain relationships etc. Given the flexible nature of the set-up they also may take charge, should an urgent need arise, of some deliveries and/or pick-ups. Our standard rule is to use couriers, when goods are not shipped directly by the manufacturer. The staff is also in charge for the organising of special demos providing assistance during the events as needed.

We look forward to doing business with you...

Via Castro Dell'Isola 10
Rome, Lazio 00123
0039 063052043

RPR Musiquality Srl S. P.iva 12089191006